Petitions about Google Reader: Why Google killed off Google Reader

Posted on 17 March 2013 by William Johnson

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It’s not a huge surprise that Google is dropping Google Reader, the blog reader it operated since 2005. The reality, though, is that Google operates at large scale, and a consumer product like Reader just doesn’t make a significant difference.

As crazy as it may sound but today even a billion-dollar business is simply a distraction to Google. So all those who are signing petitions to Google are missing the bigger point, some companies specialize in keeping the status, others specialize in moving forward. Google is the latter.

For a company with Google’s credibility and standing, any such dead-end, non-revenue-producing product that’s retained is holding others back, and prevents the company from moving forward and making true innovations.

Though, Google isn’t giving up on blogs and media. They already have Google News, Google Currents and Google Now. and on plus, they have vibrant product pages and communities.

Furthermore, Android has been a great success for the company, and while it may be open source, with a relatively open store policy, it’s not particularly based on open standards in the way that ChromeOS, WebOS, and now Firefox OS are.

Google simply wasn’t innovating on Reader, and as people shift over to services like Feedly or Newsblur, those companies will have extra incentive to innovate and extra resources to do so. Meanwhile, Google will continue to work on what it does best: shooting for the moon.

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